Ok so i remember waiting half a year or six months to be exact for elliots new video i was very excited about. When he posted a bulliten saying he was uploading the video right now. I couldn't wait for it. When it came out it was titled 100th video milestone punch fest 2011 or something like that. At first i was like wtf for 2 reasons. The video was named Punchfest and it was only 45 seconds long.

I clicked on the video in dissipointment. I watched at I saw TF2 characters punching each other for the whole video with fucked up effects. At the end of the video it showed a troll face. I commented on the video of course saying "Ok kitty, we all waited 6 months and this is what we fucking get? Stupid video of TF2 people punching each other!? It took you 6 months to make this piece of shit? What the hell is wrong with you!?"

A day later i checked the video again and i noticed that my comment was in the top comment section. And right below my comment was a comment from the actual kitty0706 saying "Correct, you win." I was like omg kitty spoke to me but at the same time confused. I just went on with it. But what really pissed me off is that kitty0706 removed his comment and my comment 2 days later. Well, at least it lasted.

To this day, i still fucking hate that video...