100 More Ways to Die in Garry's Mod
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Upload date Full version:
  • Dec 16, 2009
Views Full version:
  • 617,426
Duration Full version
  • 7 minutes 23 seconds
Created by Djy1991 and the ICTON Filming Crew

100 More Ways to Die in Garry's Mod is a video series made by Djy1991 and the ICTON Filming Crew. The series was a sequel of 100 ways to die in Garry's Mod.

List of DeathsEdit



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  • Death #1: Moving Furniture - Father Grigori tries to move the cupboard down, only killing a RED Spy below.
  • Death #2: Getting Eaten by a man-eating fridge - A Metrocop is attacked by a refrigerator while he was looking for food.
  • Death #3: Getting hit by a random missile - A Stripped combine soldier was killed by a random missile.
  • Death #4: Caught Hacking by Dr. Hax - A civilian was busted for hacking, and he was drowned with LUA monitors by multiple Dr. Haxes.
  • Death #5: Stupid Minge Sex poses - A Sniper was killed by Kiener & Alyx's awkward sex pose.
  • Death #6: Walking on Air - A Metrocop tries to walk on an airbridge, only ended up falling.


  • As seen on Death no.80, Louis can die by overdosing on pills.


  • At death no.81, The Balloon Monster was mispelled as "Ballon"