A Gmod Horror Machinima: Mental Hospital is the Garry's Mod survival-horror computer game. It was to be released in the year 2015.



At 21st February 2012, a mental hospital named Zanda Mental Hospital was once built in the year 1992 where it first had the mysterious deaths when the first patients arrived but nobody knows what was causing it and no one knows how to stop it. Police reinforcements sent a rescue team to extract Dr. Wallance Breen, a head physician of the mental hospital but they haven't turned up yet so they sent Officer Jack to find out what happen to Dr. Breen and the rescue team.


The game begins with Officer Jack and the other troops were sitting inside the military van,which was heading towards the harbour. Once there,


  • Officer Jack Clarke- A main protagonist of the game. He was a military officer who was sent by the military rescue team to investigate the mysterious deaths in the mental hospital.
  • Dark Demon- This mysterious monster who served as the main antagonist of the game. It was also revealed to be responsible for the mysterious deaths of the patients as well as Dr. Breen.
  • Commander Barney Calhoun-
  • Dr. Wallance Breen-


This game contained different endings. The endings also resulted due to the depend on the actions of the player throughout the game.

  1. Good ending- After killing the Dark Demon, Jack immediately activated the bomb. As the nuke was starting its countdown, Jack then makes his escape.
  2. Bad ending- After killing the Dark Demon, Jack suddenly felt the pain as his body began to