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A Team Fortress 2 Western is a 17-minute machinima created by Xanatos and posted on YouTube in May 2008. The machinima tells the story of a group of townspeople being abused by a gang of bandits that has taken over the town. To distinguish between the protagonists and the antagonists, BLU Team represents the protagonists, while the RED Team represents the antagonists.

The machinima has a lot of references to the basic mechanics of Team Fortress 2 (as implied by the Sniper saying that he performed a "headshot").


The TownspeopleEdit

The Townspeople comprise the following BLU classes from Team Fortress 2: the Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, and the Sniper.

The BanditsEdit

The Bandits comprise of a Spy and four Soldiers. The Spy acts as their cocky and arrogant leader who insults the Townspeople and has the BLU Scout killed.


The Townspeople are in town sharing jokes and talking to each other when the Bandits come in and run them out of town. During the feud, the Townspeople attempt to reason with the Bandits, however, they fail. After a failed attack by the Scout into the leader of the bandits (with the Scout getting killed by a revolver), the Townspeople, unable to put a fight, flee into the rocky plains below the town.

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