The first episode of the first-person narrative series Freeman's Mind revolves around the first chapter of Half-Life, Black Mesa Inbound. Episode 1 shows the viewer Gordon Freeman's neurotic personality during his tram ride to Sector C.

Episode 1Edit

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The episode begins with Gordon beginning his trip to Sector C, his workplace. During the beginning of the ride, he fails to notice who is making the public announcements over the system, and discovers he is more than 47 minutes late, after hearing the time is 8:47 AM. When he is late, he has fears of being fired by the employer (company for him) and contemplates to buy a watch.

As he continues his ride, he complains about a "high security branch", as he sees a rocket (or missile) waiting on another lane, and later complains about his job and wishes to have been a pilot, after seeing an Apache below him. During the tunnel ride, he stays relatively quiet when he hears his name over the PA system, but starts talking to himself again as he reaches a second tunnel, and fails to even observe his own environment during the final seconds of the ride.

The episode ends when Freeman disembarks from the tram and passes through a door a security guard has opened for him.


  • Freeman notices the G-man who he thinks is looking at him (which, in fact, the G-man does in the real game).
  • The episode itself has made almost 2 million views.
  • Due to high levels of profanity and violence, it, along with most other episodes, have been labeled TV-14, despite the fact that it is considerably less vulgar than the others and contains no violence.

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