Brandon in Elliot Goes To School

"Oh, okay, sorry."

-Brandon with his other voice-

Brandon is a Troublemaking Kid of the Comedy Series by Kitty0706, Elliot Goes to School, He Debuted in the First Episode. He is usually making the worlds worst jokes, and he always changes into Random outfits every episode. Although he usually targets Elliot (Who he rarely gets along with), his enemy is Mr.Higglesworth. He also has a very childish voice, However from time to time he speaks with a very deep manly voice, then starts laughing in the same childish voice while doing some kind of arm spasm. In Elliot Goes Camping he acts like a narrator instead of what he acted like in the previous episodes.

Brandon is Voice By RunFromTheMinges


-List of Clothes Brandon Wore:

  • Pilot: Black T shirt with a Shamwow sign print in Yellow
  • Pep Rallies: A Metro Cop Costume *Without Gasmask* (from Half Life 2)
  • Field Trip: A Simple Stormtrooper armor from Star Wars *Without Helmet*
  • Mondays: A Black Suit with a white shirt and Pink Tie with Brandon Printed 5 or 4 Time in Yellow Along the Tie

- Some Runnings Gags with Brandon Always Occured:

  • Attacking and (usualy) injuring Miss Person
  • Over excessive use of the words "Gay" or "Tit"
  • Insulting Elliot
  • Always Interupting Mr Cool
  • Irratating Mr Higglesworth and the Gym Coach
  • Shutting Faces (episode 3)
  • Saying "Xavior's a TAY-TOR-TOT!"

Brandon is one of the 6 Bald Characters (Others Being: Mr Higglesworth, The Gym Coach, Elmer, The Lunch Lady and Possibly Chris)


  • "Mr.Cool! Such a cool name! I wish my last name was cool HAHA HA HAHA!"
  • "Wow a double F? That sounds sexy!"
  • "Text to speech more like: Text to gay haha ha ha I'm so funny"
  • "'Dillydally!!'? Who ever says THAT anymore? Oh wait Mr.Cool does!"
  • "fail fail fail fail fail fial fael fail!!
  • "Wow That sounds gayer than TITS!!
  • "Language!"
  • "Oh, Okay, Sorry"
  • "Holy Tits! Is that Chocolate!?"

(quotes in Elliot Goes Camping)

  • "Oh, ok."
  • "I just said that!"