The Buggy (sometimes called a Jeep) is a vehicle from Half-Life 2which is an important part of the game during mid-game. In the machinima series Gman Squad, the buggy retains its purposes, but some (unusual) features have been added (see below).

In Half-Life 2Edit

The buggy is an armed vehicle that is meant to be used by the player to cross the Antlion-infested beaches and Highway 17. It features an ammo box in the rear, a gauss gun in the front that never overcharges which results in damage, and a turbo function that enables the player to accelerate to top speed for a short period.

Use in Gman SquadEdit

The buggy seen in two episodes of the Gman Squad is the same as the one used in the original game, however, numerous features that were (humorously) added by the machinimists include a turbo function that enables the driver (Clyde) to slow down instead and maintain that speed for a long time, and a seat for another person in the rear. In the latter case, the passenger is Boris, and he simply seats on the SMG ammunition box.

It has appeared only twice: in Bored Meeting and in Boris and Clyde.

Bored MeetingEdit

Clyde uses this vehicle to reach the Gman Squad Studio first before the others in order to claim the prize suggested by Xanatos and Wolfer (although the former is disgusted reading the last part of the prize). Clyde has a rough ride; he performs a turbo sprint over a broken bridge while passing through an empty shipping container, hits obstacles, and detonates explosive barrels. He finds time to use the turbo to a speed of only 2 mph. However, he fails to reach the studio and tags Boris along, who rides on the back. Near the end, however, he accidentally crushes a standing Gordon Freeman along the highway.

Boris and ClydeEdit

With most of the Gman Squad killed, the only survivors of the cast are Boris and Clyde. Xanatos and Wolfer have been captured by the Matrix Gman, and the former two ride the buggy killing Combine soldiers along the way. Unfortunately, Boris and Clyde are shot by Combine upon reaching Lighthouse Point. The buggy's fate is unknown.