Coach meets Demoman
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Series The Adventures of Coach
Upload date Sep 2, 2012
Views 82,671
Duration 7 Minutes 12 Seconds
Created by Dizztah
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Francis dislikes Coach
Coach goes Camping

Coach meets Demoman is the 2nd Episode of Dizztah's The Adventures of Coach series.


Watch Demoman as never before! Coach and Demoman are friends for a very short period, they met each other while Coach became reinvigorated. Their friendship lasts til the very end of this video. Watch and you'll see why!


The video starts outside Coach's house with the Left 4 Dead group hanging out and Coach plays Left 4 Dead 2 game on his computer. He gets a call from Louis to come to his party to deliver his pills. Coach drives his yellow car to a gas station and throws pills to Louis who throws money to him. He crashes Rochelle when she tries to grab weapons and a ramdon explosion occurs. Vin Diesel gets a message about Coach getting injured and drive a red car to head out. Later Blu Demoman puts a bomb to Vin's head as he is pulled by a Smoker. Coach is revived and impressed at Demoman's skills. in the night. Demoman fights Barney. Vin attacks him who distracts him by pointing at psycho Ellis. he shoots at the survivor and sees Demoman gone as he shoots a non-explosive grenade at him. Coach sees this and goes Cheeseburger Apocalypse mode to kill him. Everyone is gathered at Demoman's funeral and mourns his death. Coach press a button which everyone is turned into soda cans. He tells to Vin who is now a can to look at this. He replies by saying "fuck".

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Francis
  • Nick
  • Zoey
  • Ellis
  • Coach
  • Vin Diesel
  • Louis
  • BLU Scout
  • G-man
  • Rochelle
  • RED Heavy
  • RED Engineer
  • Gordon Freeman
  • BLU Demoman
  • Smoker
  • Barney
  • BLU Heavy
  • BLU Pyro
  • Bill
  • Combine cops
  • Dr Breen
  • BLU Engineer
  • Dr Klein
  • Father Grigori



Better get used to (comically) dying, girl.

  • Everybody Hates Rochelle: Rochelle was crashed by Coach's car when she tries to grab some weapons.
  • Left 4 Dead style Survivor Death:
    • Coach - Louis tossing money to him.
  • Cheeseburger Apocalypse-mode Coach: Used to attack Demoman when he fires a non-exploding grenade to Vin.

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