Crackbone's Telethon
Hosted by Source Mod Todd
Genre Comedy
Mock TV telethon
Created by Xanatos
Produced by Xanatos
Janus Syndicate
Directed by Xanatos
Production studio Janus Syndicate (Distribution)
Starring Xanatos
Games used Garry's Mod
ArmA: Armed Assault (ArmA Warfare)
Running time 7:54
First run date Jan 12, 2009
External links
Official website

Crackbone's Telethon hosted by Source Mod Todd (also titled The Release Debut!) is a machinima video by Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate part of the Source Mod Todd series. It is meant to supplement the launch of, a website created by JS member Crackbone based on the quote introduced in the Gman Squad Christmas Special episode relating to headcrabs.


Crackbone was close to launching the new website, and Source Mod Todd set up a launch video to commemorate it. However, Crackbone acquired a terminal illness that can can only be cured with the power of 1 million brain dawgs, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome from constantly clicking the "Ignore" button for each of thousands of Steam friend invites (due to his popularity). Because of this, the video was changed to a telethon to help gather brain dawg donations.

The video opens with Source Mod Todd announcing the debut of and explaining Crackbone's condition. He opens the phone lines while a commercial starts. The commercial features an in-game video of Crackbone being chased by a tank played by MetalLizard in ArmA Warfare, over an audio clip of "The Entertainer" by Ross Scott.

After the commercial ends, the video cuts back to Todd demanding another commercial, since no calls have been made yet. It then abruptly cuts to another commercial, this time featuring a prank call made by Crackbone to 2 unknown women with a visual reenactment in Garry's Mod. After that commercial ends, it transitions to a second commercial which is a parody of the Duke Nukem Trilogy E3 trailer.

During these commercials, Gabe Newell changed the brain dawg exchange rate to US$1, therefore allowing currency to be donated instead of brain dawgs. Afterwards, a fan letter featuring an epic tale in the lands of Pointlessia, ending with a short noobish comment asking to have Crackbone's Steam page so he can send him a friend invite. After finishing, Todd gets breaking news that JS member Zimbabwe donated 5 million Zimbabwe dollars. Assuming that this is equal to US$1 million, Todd announces that the goal has been reached, and presents a live feed that Crackbone is on his way to the telethon studio, only to be run over by a taxi.

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