Dan and Chris are minor characters of the Comedy Series by Kitty0706, Elliot Goes to School, they are Debuted in the third and fourth Episode.

Dan is a black kid and Chris is a white kid with a hood on his heads.

both are voiced by Kinshin.
Dan and chris lol

Dan (left) and Chris (right)


Elliot Goes to School: Field TripsEdit

Moments With Heavy: Heavy's Retarded HolidayEdit

They appeared during the intermission of the show.


Episode 3:

Dan: Yo, this kid don't even know sketchy MEAN


Chris: Yo, weren't we supposed to be in the bus Dan?

Dan: Ah, screw it Chris, this school sucks anyways (Get ran over by a bus) Episode 4:

Dan: Welcome to high school, bitch! (slams down Chris' book)

Chris: Yo Dan! what the FUCK!?

Dan: Oh, shit my bad, G, I thought you were them fagots over there!

Chris: Want to go kick some ass Dan!?


Chris: Aw shitz going down gotta get this on youtube!

Dan:Yo schuz balls!

Chris:Yo punch dat fool Dan!

Chris:Yo this is some legit footage D!