Elliot is the main character and protagonist in the "Elliot goes to school series". He has to deal with terrible teachers, hard quizes, school activities, and his retarded, creepy and oddly gifted classmates; the most annoying of which being Brandon, who is constantly telling him he's gay or saying something a bout his mom. He is voiced by kitty0706 himself. He always starts going to school by bike, but ends up hurting people or getting to school via different method e.g.: Jimbos sled. He is very upset most of the time, but recently made freinds with Xavior and Jimbo and occasionly (once) made proper conversation with Brandon. He might be a smart child, he certaintly makes the most sense out of all the characters except maybe Ms. Person or Mr. Cool.



  • Clothes that Elliot Wore
  1. Pilot: A White T Shirt with Black Stripes and Addias sign
  2. Pep Rallies: A Black Hoody with a Bronze Zipper
  3. Field Trips: A Black T shirt with "Ima Robot" and Los Angeles signs Print in Dark Pink and a Black Beanie (NOTE: His Face is abit Chubby)
  4. Mondays: a White Shirt and Black Zip-up Vest
  5. 25 Steps: Same as Field Trips
  • Elliot is one of the 2 Charcters who's Mother Shown, The Other is Elmer, But a bit Elliot Mother was shown in 25 Steps on how to be Elmer, and Heard Off Screen on Mondays