Elliot Goes to School is a series created by Kitty0706. It is entirely made on Garry's Mod using mostly characters from Half-Life.

There are currently 6 episodes in the series, the most recent one being Elliot Goes Camping.


Title Number Release Date Description
Elliot Is Late for Work 1 July 21, 2009 Elliot is running late for work. When he arrives he is threatened with the loss of his job, but his supervisor (who looks a lot like Brandon) ultimately decides instead to give him until the end of his shift to build a house for him.
Elliot Goes to School 2 September 29, 2009 It's Elliot's first day of the sophomore year in high school, and it's hard to survive in Elliot's school with Mr. Higglesworth, the gym teacher, and even Brandon riding his cattails.
Pep Rallies 3 December 21, 2009 It's pep rally day after 2nd period, and when Elliot, Brandon, and the newly-introduced Jimbo and Xavior try to sneak out of it, they run into the guard of the rally and his elite army.
Field Trips 4 June 10, 2010 Elliot's class is going on a field trip to the Garry's Mod museum, where Brandon continues to wreak havoc.
Mondays 5 January 8, 2011 With the appearance of some new faces, the video chronicles the gang's final Monday before Christmas break, where they decide to skip gym to eat lunch early.
Elliot Goes Camping 6 October 11, 2012 In the latest episode of Elliot Goes to School, Mr. Higglesworth gives Elliot another difficult assignment to do over the weekend, but his friends show up and drag him along to go camping. Unfortunately, as a result of Elliot's grandmother accidentally mixing up the woods with the nail salon as she picks the gang up and drops them off, the gang gets lost in their own neighborhood as they attempt to find a good camping spot.

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