Elliot Goes to School is the first episode of the titular "Elliot Goes to School" series. The video first premiered on September 29, 2009 on YouTube.


After the beginning credits, Elliot is shown to be in his room sleeping. Suddenly, his alarm clock goes off. The constant noise irritates him, causing him to destroy it. He then mumbles about it being the first day of school. After going to the bathroom, he heads to get coffee and watch TV when he realizes that he's late and needs to go. After killing many people on his bike, he makes it to his first period teacher, Mr. Cool's class. There, he meets Brandon, a rude and annoying classmate. Brandon makes a terrible joke about Mr. Cool's name. Mr. Cool then takes attendance where Elliot takes seven years to explain not giving his name to strangers, which makes Brandon yell shut up to make him stop, and continues to say more bad jokes.

The school bell then rings and the group exit, each in a unique, and weird way. Elliot then heads for Mr. Higglesworth's class where he constantly criticizes everyone for always making gay jokes, going off topic, and constantly interrupting him. Mr. Higglesworth then says that if they do what he tells them to, they will fail. He then gives out random F's to students. Elliot then takes a test where he tries to figure out what a extremely hard (and downright impossible) math problem. The teacher tells him that it is algebra and gives an A to Brandon for talking. The bell rings and everyone moves to Ms. Person’s class. There, Ms. Person explains that her voice box was broken and she must use text to speak, where Brandon takes advantage of this and makes fun of her. Brandon throws her out a window and makes fun of Elliot before Mrs. Person returns. After throwing her out again, Brandon does a racist doll show before the bell rings for gym. There, the teacher tells them to clime a rope that everyone falls off. At the end, Elliot says that he sees himself in college ten years later and to be closer to his future.


  • Mr. Cool said his first swear in his first appearance.
  • Mr. Higglesworth gave Bill Clinton a "F" even though Bill wasn't in his class.
  • When Mr. Higglesworth threw Elliot's picture out the window the picture hit Xavior, who hadn't been properly introduced into the canon yet.