Everybody Loves Francis
Skit Information
Series The Gmod Idiot Box
Episodes 3
Created by DasBoSchitt

Everybody Loves Francis is a series of segments featured in The Gmod Idiot Box.

List of SegmentsEdit

Soldier Demands from ZoeyEdit

A BLU Soldier demands from Zoey a briefcase the latter is holding, as the former declares the briefcase is "his". Suddenly, Francis falls from the sky and lands on the BLU Soldier, killing the latter. Although Zoey praises Francis' attributes, he later steals the briefcase. The whole skit is revealed to be Everybody Loves Francis.The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 2

Time ParadoxEdit

In the second instance Francis has been featured in a sarcastic role (the first being in the second episode), Arne Magnusson talks to him and Alyx and asks them how quick they can get to White Forest. In a sarcastic statement, Francis replies "long enough to know that you've got a pretty mouth", and decapitates Magnusson by kicking him with his foot going through the monitor. Alyx, shocked, calls a time paradox sending them to the very beginning of Half-Life 2, and Francis says that it's his fault... again.The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 4

Everybody Loves Francis - Skit 3 - Cheering Up the WitchEdit

A Witch is sitting in a corner of a house, sobbing in the night. Zoey, meanwhile, arrives and cheers the Witch up by giving a snowcone. After the Witch calms down, Francis, standing from the inside of the house and near the door, hears the sobbing Witch and kicks the door with such force, startling the Witch who later attacks Zoey. Francis, meanwhile, tries to eat the snowcone while watching Zoey helplessly trying to defend herself from the startled Witch.The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 7

The skit closes with the usual "sponsored by" sub-skit, with a G-man ordering a "male enhancement", who later pushes his wife down the floor.