"I remember everything!"
—Felix Freeman
Felix Freeman
Felix's Mind character
Felix Freeman
Created by Curtis Trudeau-Brown
Played by Curtis Trudeau-Brown
First appearance Felix's Mind Episode 1
Last appearance Felix's Mind Forever
Species Human
Age 23
Occupation(s) Scientist
Modeled after Gordon Freeman

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Felix Freeman is the younger brother of Half-Life's protagonist Gordon Freeman, and is the protagonist of the Mind series Felix's Mind. In an alternative reality to the Half-Life 2 games and its episodes, Felix is mistaken by the G-Man for Gordon Freeman due to their uncanny resemblance, and pulls him out of stasis and Felix fills in for Gordon Freeman's shoes during the events of the Half-Life 2 games. The character is created and voiced by Curtis Trudeau-Brown.


Events Pre-Felix's MindEdit

Felix is the younger brother of Gordon Freeman. Gordon got Felix a job at the Black Mesa Research Facility. During the Black Mesa Incident where a dimensional rift caused alien creatures to attack the facility, Felix battled his way through the facility, also fighting off marines sent to cover up the incident. Felix was then approached by the mysterious G-Man, and was told that he was impressed with his sheer will power to survive and stated he had big plans for the future and wanted Felix to be a part of them. Felix, similar to Gordon, was placed into stasis.

Unknown when or how, but Felix had also dated Chell, who later became a test subject at Black Mesa's rival company Aperture Laboratories.


20 years into the future, Felix was accidentally mistaken for his brother Gordon and pulled out of stasis by the G-Man. He awakens on a train on route to City 17 and discovers the earth is in control by an alien race known as the Combine. Much of Felix's memory is gone and he has no recollection. He then meets up with some old Black Mesa colleagues such as Issac Kleiner, Eli Vance and Barney Calhoun. He also meets up with Eli's daughter, Alyx, who he mistakes for a girl called Shonnie. Apart from Barney, everyone mistakes him for his brother Gordon, but he decides not to disclose his real identity in fear of being cast out.

He battles through the events of Half-Life 2 like Gordon Freeman would of done, up until the finale where he prevents Breen from escaping earth by destroying his teleporter. Felix is placed back into stasis by G-Man who seems to still be oblivious to his real identity.

Events of Season 1Edit

Felix is taken away from the G-Man by the vortigaunts, and awakens nearby the unstable citadel. He is discovered by Alyx and her robot DOG, but he doesn't remember who she is or what his identity is. While Alyx makes contact with her father and Issac Kleiner, Felix tries to jog his memory but sees a load of different numbers and has brief flashbacks, something he lapses into now and again.

Escape from City 17 & Season 2Edit