A Gman Squad initiation contest, now officially called the Gman Squad Idol, was first brought up in the episode Bored Meeting as an excuse to make a fifth episode after their hiatus. The Janus Syndicate had taken the initiative to create a simple procedure to enter the contest, which ties into their original "initiation video" by Wolfer.

Current membersEdit

  • televators
  • Boredbum
  • definitely not bill
  • H.O|`n1pples
  • (1SG) Soviet Shaffy
  • Augy
  • Gormanmod
  • The Unknown Soldier Kael
  • -GoV- Jecalux90 (1 € ≠ 1 $)


The deadline for entry was January 26, 2009 and featured nine finalists. The judges are the real Gman Squad cast members and they will be deciding soon. The winner will be posted on the Player of the Week of the official Steam group.

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