Gmod Brawl Niko vs Roman is a Comedy Video created by Kitty0706. It features Niko and Roman of GTA IV. the video was premiered in May 4, 2010 in Youtube.


After getting constant calls for pointless activities with Roman, Niko finally goes over the edge and gets annoyed to the extent of starting an ongoing fight to the death with his cousin. Will Niko finally shut Roman up, or will Roman defend himself successfully against his angry cousin?


The video starts at Nikos house, who is lazily watching a TV show, then Nikos phone rings, and his cousin Roman asks Niko to play bowling with him. After that, countless phone calls from Roman arrive, driving Niko insane; he declines Roman's emails and then pulls Roman out of his computer while on a Skype call to fight him to the death. While fighting, Roman tossed Niko at a gasoline station where he died in a horrible explosion. At Niko's funeral, Roman and some other people, including Elliot from Elliot Goes to School, joins the funeral. As Niko's funeral priest (Dr. Breen from the Half-Life series) was having a speech, Niko came out of the coffin, in an explosion that killed(?) the priest. When he lands, Roman tries to get a grip on Niko but Niko holds Romans head and calls for backup (Brucie from GTA IV), then lets go of Roman. Niko tells Sam Fisher to get his pistol, but he refuses, asking him questions. Then, Brucie arrived flying like a missile, dive-bombing in the ground, launching Niko, Roman and Fisher in the sky (even if Fisher isn't seen in the process). When they land on the roof of "VALVE :D" they relized that they had low health, so Fisher shoots them both with his pistol. His mission fails, then Niko fights Roman, grabs him and fall of "VALVE :D" into Elliot's home where he noticed them while he was making the video about their fight. The two continued to fight, then they both stole two bikes from Elliot (even though he has only 1) and cycled to a power plant, where Niko hops into a tank, then Francis calls for an airstrike, getting Niko caught by the missiles, getting launched out of his tank, falling on the ground. Niko "plays dead" while Roman walks away, then hits him in the head with a shoe. After that, Niko returns home, but Roman unexpectedly throws a "big ball" at him, letting the clip end with a "photo finish" of Niko jumping furiously at Roman.


Continuity NotesEdit

  • Starting at 00:16-00:19, You can see Heavy behind them, laughing along with Roman. This scene took place during the events of Heavy Goes Bowling.


  • Niko Bellic:as himself
  • Roman Bellic: as himself (except the part when one dialogue "So you got a tank; big whoop. Ya want to fight about it?" is reused from Paddy Tanninger's from Family Guy)


Gmod Brawl Niko vs

Gmod Brawl Niko vs. Roman

Gmod Brawl: Niko vs Roman