Gordon Freeman (Gman Squad)
Gman Squad character
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Created by Marc Laidlaw
Gabe Newell
Played by Unknown
First appearance Operation: Black Mesa
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Age 27
Occupation(s) Black Mesa scientist
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Gordon Freeman is the player character from the Half-Life series who has made cameos throughout the Gman Squad. In the machinima series' first two episodes, he is the target of the Gman Squad in order to prevent the resonance cascade, but the squad is too late; the cascade happens and they accidentally kill Gordon Freeman after the cascade. He is constantly killed, although he always seems to come back in the next episode injury-free.

The first two episodes depict Freeman as a silent protagonist (similar to the characteristics of Gordon in the two full games). He has mostly been depicted in his Half-Life appearance, except in the episode Bored Meeting, where he sports Half-Life 2's HEV Suit.


Gordon Freeman first appears in Operation: Black Mesa where he is in the test chamber. The G-Man Squad shout at Freeman to stop him from carrying out the experiment, but he goes on regardless and ends up triggering the resonance cascade, thus leading to the Black Mesa Incident.

In the following episode Science he is examining the body of a scientist. He is confronted by the G-Men and tell him to start talking. One of them accidentally fires upon Freeman, presumably killing him.

Despite his apparent death he shows up in Trams as a guest on "The G-Man Show" in which the subject matter is how Gordon completed Half-Life 2: Episode Two in 3 seconds. When Xanatos plays a clip, it turns out Gordon simply shot dead Eli Vance. Unimpressed, Xantos shoots Gordon dead.

Gordon appears again in Bored Meeting (which seems to have jumped forward to the events of Half-Life 2) in which he is located by the coast. When waiting for a bus, he is crushed by Clyde who lands on him whilst driving a jeep

Gordon appears briefly in the final episode G-Boyz 2 G-men in which he is located in Heaven and witnessed Clyde being impaled by spikes.


Gordon's deaths is a recurring joke through Xanatos' videos. He was also killed in another video made by Xanato - Half-Life 2 Nightmare.

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