Half-Life 2: Anxiety (Hitchcock Meets HL2) and Half-Life 2: Nightmare are two machinima videos created by Xanatos. Anxiety won both jury and audience grand prizes at the 2008 Ivy Film Festival Machinima.


A citizen (using the same model as Gordon Frohman from Concerned) looking for the bathroom is found by two Combine soldiers mistaking him for Gordon Freeman. He runs from them and is chased through part of City 17 and finds another citizen who falls down.

He then hitches a ride on the side of an APC to a base on the coast. He steps down onto the sand and triggers the spawning of an antlion horde, which he hides from and watches as they fight with some Combine. The antlions win and he grabs an SMG, running away from the antlions. He finds a small broken boat and floats away on it.

He eventually lands ashore a half mile away from an abandoned hotel, which he explores and finds a bathroom. Suddenly, he is found by a zombie, which he eventually shoots dead. Meanwhile, Gordon Freeman drives in a buggy finding a boat to explore a distance away. The citizen finds the buggy and decides to drive it, but not before he tau blasts a couple zombies. He meets two small blockades that he bypasses on the way into a tunnel.

On the other side he arrives at Lighthouse Point, where some of the rebels also think he is Freeman. They are attacked by a gunship and they make refuge at the lighthouse. At the top, he acquires an RPG and blows up the gunship. A piece knocks him over the edge, leaving him hanging, before Freeman gets rid of the piece and helps him up. He is relieved and starts droning on about how he's had a rough day.


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