Jacob's Mind
Genre Gameplay comedy
Created by BlockSquad1000
Produced by BlockSquad1000
Directed by BlockSquad1000
Production studio N/A
Starring BlockSquad1000 (As Jacob)
Games used Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
Running time 5:00 - 12:00
First run date February 21, 2015
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BlockSquad1000's Jacob's Mind is a Mind series following the thoughts of Jacob, an Aperture Science Test Subject who tested the Paint Gun. The series started on February 21, 2015. It is entirely created by BlockSquad1000, and the game used for the series is Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative. The main protagonist of the game is unnamed, so BlockSquad1000 created a name for him; Jacob. Jacob (voiced by BlockSquad1000) is an amnesiac character, who can't remember any details about himself. The series is him completing his test, and at the same time, trying to remember details about himself. It can be viewed at BlockSquad1000's YouTube channel.

History Edit

The series first aired on February 21, 2015, on BlockSquad1000's YouTube channel. It was created using Screencast and iMovie, and the first episode was created in 4 hours.

Jacob's Personality Edit

Jacob is a person who suffers from amnesia, probably due to being in stasis for so long. He is often confused about what is going on, and sometimes gets annoyed easily. He gets angry with Nigel when he says smart remarks, and when he doesn't get what he wants, he will often go into a rage.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1 Edit

An Aperture Science Test Subject is woken up from stasis, and he seems to have forgotten his name and anything about himself. He meets Nigel, an Aperture Science Testing Associate, and begins waling through the halls. Having forgotten his name, he decides to name himself "Jacob." After some simple training, he grabs the Paint Gun and is sucked though a pipe. The epsiode ends with him screaming, and then says "Ya know, it's actually not that bad when you think about it! This is actually kinda fun! WOOHOO! Wait… Help!"

Episode 2 Edit

Jacob arrives at the first test chamber, and immidiatlyy comes across the "Fizzler." Due to it looking very dangerous, he tries to leave, but eventually walks through it. He then uses Repulsion Gel for the first time, and explaims that it "tastes like Jell-O." He accidentally hits his lip against the wall, and decides to be more careful. After some more basic training, he enters the next test chamber, and gets very disoriented from the Repulsion Gel. Near the end of the chamber, he decides that killing himself would be better than dealing with the testing, which he seems to dislike. After jumping from a high ledge, he discovers that he can't die from falling, claiming it felt like "a pillow cloud made of cotton candy." The episode ends with him reaching the ledge he jumpped from, trying to figure out how to get to the exit.