Janus Syndicate
Founded November 29, 2005
Disbanded 2010
Founder(s) Xanatos, Boris
Native Games GoldenEye: Source (Alpha 1.0)
Perfect Dark: Source Zombie Panic Source
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
Garry's Mod
Counter-Strike: Source
Team Fortress 2
Day of Defeat: Source
Purpose Gaming
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The Janus Syndicate (previously abbreviated -[JS]-) was a multi-gaming and machinima production community originally founded on November 29, 2009 by machinima directors boris and Xanatos. Despite significant popularity and success with their videos, as of August 10, 2011, the Janus Syndicate had disbanded due to internal conflicts. In 2014, Xanatos started a new group, The New G-Man Army, although it's current fate is unknown as he has stopped paying for the teamspeak server; everyone involved with the group has joined a backup hosted by MissingNoGuy55. Xanatos has continued to experiment with machinima after this, most notably The Gordon Squad, and #teamlaserswag.


-[JS]- was the second clan founded for the GoldenEye: Source modification. The clan was first conceived by boris while playing with PR developer/video producer Xanatos in Garry's Mod 9 around Fall 2005. Shortly after, some discussion about such a mod started on the GE:S Forums. A number of people showed interest, and it was not until November 29th, 2009 (before Alpha 1.0 was even released) when the Janus Syndicate was created by the leader Xanatos. Additional leadership was also taken up by Ventrilo server owner Boris, and former webmaster/server provider SkyMarauder. The clan was named after the leading villain faction in GE:S, and as such, the members portrayed different villains from the James Bond film series and, later on, Perfect Dark.







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