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Jimbo is a teenager from the Gmod comedy series, Elliot Goes to School. He Debuted in the episode Pep Rallies.

He is usually sarcastic and rude but he seems to be more well behaved then Brandon and Elmer. Brandon says that he once was attacked by a squirrel and died but it is unknown weather he was telling the truth. It seems that him and Elmer could get on well seeming as they're constantly rant about random food items. He has a deep affection for bananas and hatred towards Brandon and Mr. Higglesworth and has pizza for breakfast (as Seen in Field Trips.)

He seems to have a best friend named Slim, but he is never seen which could mean that he doesn't exist.

Jimbo is Voice by JokerTone.


  • Clothes that Jimbo wore:

-Pilot: N/A

-Pep Rallies: A white PSP shirt with a black vest.

-Field Trip: The same white PSP shirt but with a red vest.

-Mondays: A salmon shirt that says "Hug Me I'm Jolly" on it and a green vest over it.

  • Jimbo is one of the 7 characters with facial hair, The others are: Elliot, Mr Cool, Gym Coach, Elmer, Dan and Francis.
  • Jimbo is one of the 5 characters to have a voice actor only voice him, Others being Brandon, Ms. Person, The Crabcore Kid and Xavior 3.10.
  • Jimbo gets hurt in every episode he appears in.

-Pep Rallies: Set on fire, get a test he didn't do and a shopping cart thrown at him.

-Field Trips: Elliot possibly push him out of the way to go to math class, Elmer laughing so hard that he smacked the desk and it flew to Jimbo, Jimbo tried to escape the GMod museum but Brandon close the door, therefore smacking into it.

-Mondays: Swinging to class like Tarzan, he smashes through the window, Jimbo wanted Elmer's bananas (That Elmer got from Mr. Higglesworth for Cocaine,) Elmer refused and punched Jimbo (smashing him through a Door), The lunch lady smacks him out after Elliot says that being a slut was cool.

  • Jimbo is one of the four characters to always get hurt. Others being Elliot, Ms. Person and Brandon.