This is a list of former Janus Syndicate members. The descriptions were co-written by some of these members so some may not be accurate.

Senior MembersEdit

  • boris - Named after Boris Grishenko from GoldenEye and also known as Nahob, the co-creator of Gman Squad and creator of the spin-off Brothers of the Gman Squad. Known for his whining about relatively minor problems.
  • Bulgey - Found on a game of Team Fortress 2, and later became a major voice actor in Gman Squad and TF2 Western among others.
  • Crackbone - Found actively playing on Zombie Panic! Source, later became famous with his quotes like "Cut 'em up" and "Got dem braindawgs". Died in a motorcycle accident and was later revived by a hobo. Claims to be from Norway.
  • Darkvile - Australian who joined up through the JS forums/Ventrilo and became an important part of the Syndicate. Best known as the Matrix Gman.
  • Elite-One - Joined around the making of Dr. Strangeman and was featured in it as a extra.
  • Gerald - Known by many names (including Lt. Podna Jayrald Jayrome III), was met via Crackbone and became an integral part of the Janus Syndicate.
  • HKSniper - Originally known as Spetznaz and now known as Rikku, joined the clan and was ironically a friend of Wolfer's before they found out about Wolfer. Best known as Clyde.
  • MetalLizard - Crackwhore.
  • MrSentual - Also known as CODY, has been a major contributor to videos in skinning, mapping, voice acting, etc.
  • STEV - Real life enemy of Xanatos who joined up with important voice roles in many videos. Recently returned.
  • nowhere - Owner of Ventrilo server.
  • WolfeR - Xanatos's co-host in Gman Squad. Joined up after making inside-joke videos on the Garrysmod forums. Has played the most roles in JS machinima. He also co-created Gman Squad along with boris and X23.
  • Xanatos - The founder of the Janus Syndicate and the director its machinima videos. Also likes Worms Armageddon and DoD:S.
  • Zimbabwe - Known mostly as the "Loser" he is time and again mistreated by his fellow clan members.

Regular/Junior Members

  • Augy - The winner of the Gman Squad Idol. Inactive.
  • Beefroast - Now employed.
  • Bendystraw
  • ConfusedWisdom
  • DarkNinMagic - Now unemployed.
  • DMGaina - A German player who helped many videos
  • Ghun
  • Jon93 - A minor but well-seen extra in Gman Squad who helped document the making of its episodes
  • J*Rod - Quiet yet overconfident gamer who joined through the Call for Extras. Commonly criticized for not responding to people he has muted and not being a good script writer.
  • Hubcap - Joined up during the JS Call for Extras and contributed a movie trailer based on an RL trailer by Xanatos.
  • Kzambro
  • Max Rebo
  • Ochacha - Real life friend of Xanatos who joined shortly after the JS Call for Extras via Ventrilo. Contributed a WoW machinima clip.
  • Simpleton - Best known as the first dark-skinned Gman.
  • Strat6888
  • targaryen - Played Hans Ketchup in Source Wars, as well as a few other minor extra roles.
  • wal*mart cart pusher - Best known for being banned from the Ventrilo server and have subsequent emotional breakdowns until returning to Ventrilo.
  • WinRAR - Bulgey 2.0
  • X23 - Has done some notable self-parody voice roles. Inactive.

Former MembersEdit

  • SkyMaruder - Original co-founder / webmaster / server provider of Janus Syndicate
  • Mr. X [NOR]
  • ThePoopsmith
  • John - Ran away and cried and was reborn as William Thomas Shank
  • Chuck aka Hitman - Took part in Gman Squad initiation for 5 minutes (not including singing)
  • FiveZeroTwo
  • Co-Dy - Also known as kodec, former idiot who single handedly delayed the production of Dirty Gary by destroying several explosive set pieces before filming even began
  • Jimmy - Known throughout the original forums.
  • Nick
  • Paskill - Irish Bastard
  • PimpinJuice - The owner of the original website and an integral part of Lol Another Day 2.
  • FormattedLizard - some kid who happened to share a similar name with Metal
  • Feesh
  • Rich - former cool guy
  • Sanford - Son of Owen Hart
  • Shaffy™ - Also known as Soviet Shaffy™ and George Dobson™, was part of Brothers of the Gman Squad.
  • SlickViper - Former greatest gamer of the Janus Syndicate
  • Jamespond - notorious first Brit that ruined the British reputation for dynasties of JS members to come. 'what a dick'-Shaffy
  • Termin-X-Man - early JS trouble maker. first person banned from ventrilo/forums. made use of the then novel Tubgirl image
  • Yo Daddy - Former biggest jewfro sporter of the Janus Syndicate. Was known for always having a stuffy nose and for being discovered via wal*mart cartpusher

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