Louis beats up Francis
Louis punches Francis
Episode Information
Upload date Aug 15, 2009
Views 1,799,261 (Current)
Duration 47 Seconds
Created by RubberFruit
It's really dangerous to make Louis mad.


When Louis tries to grab some pills, he was attacked by Francis' grenade. Depressed, The biker mocks his misery with laughter, only to be punched by the manager. Francis falls down the building, and landed on a See-saw that Bill is sitting, and flies him off. Louis appears behind Francis, and claims that "stairs (he is actually holding a ladder) are a good work out", and attacks him with it.


  • A wallpaper of Louis punches Francis is available at, however the site does not work anymore.
  • The "Indestructible" Francis: Survived from falling down the building, then hit by a ladder.

Animation ErrorsEdit

  • The horizontal rectangle parts are blinking in some scenes, showing the video's degradation.

Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • As slated on the summary, Louis refers the ladder as "stairs'.