Mr. Higglesworth is an unpredictable F giving loving and violent teacher. He plays as Elliot's algebra teacher in the Elliot Goes to School series. The dialogue in the first episode, Mr. Higglesworth shows no respect toward his students probably because he dislikes the current outlook of modern children.

  • Bill Clint at the door*: "Hey teacher, yo yo yo!"

Mr. Higglesworth: "What are you some fagola in a gang going yo,yo,yo motherfucking F"

He always resents their outfits, appearences, or their hobbies. He does whatever he can to fail his students and make their lives a living nightmare. His character has a high-pitched a more deep high voice in the first episode, but after a while of yelling at his "fagola" students his voice is getting worse.

"See What I mean you Fagolas make Bill Gates look like Gabe Newell"

Despite being a teacher, Mr. Higglesworth is very aggressive towards his students as he is seen in many episodes throwing objects at them when they make stupid responses of when he hands out F's. This could be put down to the drug use in Elliot Goes to School: Mondays.

Emo Kid: "Okay, okay, enough with the F's already... like, take your medication or something."

"Speaking of medication!" *places cocaine on table and sniffs it*

He is an expert at tactical strategies as he has captured Elliot and his friends three times but by dumb luck they escape. His weapon skills although is alot to desire in Elliot Goes to School: Pep Rallies he constantly misses when shooting Jimbo and Elliot then instead kills 3 civilians.

It is possible that Mr. Higglesworth was not evil but was good until he met two other guys like Elliot and Brandon back in the day which probably made him snap.
Mr hig

Mr Higglesworth