The Combine are the primary anatagonists in Half Life 2 and its episodic sequels. They are an interdimensional alien race that has conquered earth, and the majority of forces encountered in the Half Life 2 series are part of the Combine's transhuman military forces, modified human soldiers fitted with combine technology. They appear in Civil Protection, and the two main characters, Mike and Dave, are part of this orginization. Other Combine authorities are both seen and mentioned in the series.


The 2 main characters, Mike and Dave, greatly contrast the image of the sadistic, violent cop depicted in the game. Both Mike and Dave are wisecracking and sarcastic, and very rarley abuse their power. Other Combine branches also appear, and while some are portrayed as sadistic and buisness like, they are also mostly portrayed differently than in Half Life 2.

Types of Combine EncounteredEdit

Civil ProtectionEdit

The combine police force on earth, these are the most commonly encountered. Both main characters are part of this orginazation, and the series itself is named after it. For Mike and Dave's personalities, see the main Civil Protection page. Other metrocops are also encountered, although they are usually part of the background and have no speaking roles. Mike and Dave's commander, "the sarge", is also part of this orginazation. According to Mike and Dave, he has a commanding and intimidating presence, and anyone he does not like mysteriously "dissapears" the next day. He is never encountered, but is mentioned occasionally.


These are types of alien life modified by the combine. They are given attached weapons and various mechanical parts to make them useful in combat, and are essentially slaves. The Strider, a large tripod alien with a large and powerful laser mounted on its belly, appears in the episode "Aliens". It is given the name "Simba" by Mike, and seems to befriend him. 2 more synths, the Crab Synth and the Gunship Synth, also appear in the episode "Oils Well" during the invasion scene. They are seen effortlessly stomping through a city, while soldiers try in vain to fight them off.

Transhuman Combine SoldiersEdit

These are basically humans who have been modified biologically by the combine. They are the main military force of the combine on earth, and use Sub Machine Guns and Shotguns as their main weapons, along with employing grenades. They apparently know much about military tactics. They are seen briefly in the episode "Morning Patrol" where 2 of them, armed with MP7's, repel from a helicopter and enter a donut shop. However, there vehicles, such as the APC and the attack helicopter (which are also use by civil protection), are seen in the backgrounds of many episodes.