The G-Man is a mysterious character throughout the Half Life series. He constantly watches the player and intervenes directly with their actions. He appears to be setting a large plot in motion, although at this time his motives are unknown. He appears in the machinima series "The G-Man Squad" and "Freeman's Mind". Keep in mind this is the official G-Man from the game, not the G-Man squad members. For information on them, click here.

In "Freeman's Mind "Edit

Freeman occasionally runs across The G-man in "Freeman's Mind". He first sees him in the first episode, where he observes him ride in a train parralel to Freeman's. He again sees him in the second episode, where he sees the G-Man arguing with a scientist through sound-proof glass, and assumes the G-man is management. His 3rd appearance is in the 6th episode, where he is on a catwalk above Freeman. Freeman yells at him, asking if he is up there, but gets no response. In episode 10, he observes the G-Man through a window, and asks him to unlock the door. The G-man ignores him, and Freeman assumes it is because the window is a one way mirror. In episode 12, Freeman again observes the G-Man on a catwalk, and assumes he is the slave master of two scientists he has just met. He tries to meet him, but the G-Man is gone before he can confront him. In episode 33, he sees The G-Man on a catwalk on the other side of the room after turning on what he percieves to be "a giant nutcracker". He tries to talk to the G-Man but he walks away.

After Freeman defeats the Nihilanth he is approached by G-Man for a job proposition. Freeman believes G-Man to being with the CIA and is not too sure if he is up for the job. Regardless Freeman steps into the portal when G-Man gives him a choice to work for him or face death. In an after credits scene showing the alternative choice, Freeman orders G-Man to take him back to earth. G-Man, disappointed at Freeman turning down the offer, teleports him to a part of Xen full of monsters resembling the G-Man.

In "The G-man Squad"Edit

The G-man first appears in the first episode, where he is seen talking with a scientist. The G-man Squad sees him through the window, who breaks through the glass and murders the scientist, sparing the G-man because they think he is cool, likely because they look like him. He appears again in Science, where the G-men attack him, only for it to do no damage, and they assume he is a robot.

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