The Garrysmod Secret Agent
Genre Comedy
Created by Xanatos
Produced by Xanatos
Janus Syndicate
Directed by Xanatos
Production studio Janus Syndicate (Distribution)
Starring Voices:
Games used Garry's Mod
Running time 2:58
First run date Apr 10, 2011
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The Garrysmod Secret Agent is a short Garry's Mod machinima by Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate. It was released April 10, 2011 on's YouTube channel. It is a parody of the James Bond franchise, therefore making it the first Bond-inspired machinima directed by Xanatos since the Goldeneye: Source machinima Jaws Frag Rampage released January 14, 2007.


Secret agent Garry (voiced by Xanatos), who has a known number of STDs, is woken up by a ringing phone which he shoots with a revolver.

At a briefing, he is assigned by a chief (voiced by STEV) to remove a terrorist organization from an oil depot that they have taken over. He then leaves Garry with a "fizzy gadget and woo-woo widget" expert, who first shows him a silencer added to Garry's gravity gun. Garry refuses the silencer, claiming that the first law of physics states that louder objects cause more pain. The expert then gives him a "covert" modem for accessing computer mainframes hacked by the terrorists. Garry then complains that the modem is too large to be covert. The expert then gives him a latex condom (followed by awkward silence) and a briefcase for carrying underwater equipment. Garry thinks there are secret gadgets attached, while the expert states that it's a regular briefcase.

Driving a prop vehicle and wearing a turtle hat, Garry sneaks up toward the oil depot, uses a log to climb up, and spawns a bouncy ball. He attempts to hit a guard with it, but misses and hits himself in the process. An alarm is then promptly set off, much to Garry's dismay.

Inside the depot, the lead villain (voiced by STEV) enters a room with Garry tied up on top of a bed frame, taunting him much to Garry's annoyance. He then states that he wants Garry to die, with Garry responding with heavy crying. The villain then says that he wants him to die instead of cry. Garry then responds that he prefers crying.

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