The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 11 Edit

#1 Headbang Edit

As #1 is browsing through YouTube,He discovers that DasBoSchitt hasn't made an episode in a year.

#1 goes to wake him up,but he ignores him. Furious, #1 wields a chainsaw, but then remembers what happened in Episode 9: DasBoSchitt bangs his head on his keyboard,making the episode. #1 reenacts this idea with successful results. DasBoSchitt uploads the project and the episode starts.


Cheeseburger Expire Edit

Coach is in a Burger King and eats a cheeseburger but then Gmod 13 becomes active and his torso turns into multiple cheeseburgers,Therefore Coach commits suicide.


Choose A Vista! Edit

PC and Mac give there greetings and then PC starts a game called:Choose A Vista.Then the duo argue about Windows and Mac OX versions.Then PC presses a button that make the wheel turn into a saw and kills Mac.At the end of this skit,PC's head turns into Gabe Newalls and the skit ends


Channel Choosing Edit

Urdnot Wrex and the Star Child (both from the Mass Effect series) are watching TV, with Wrex flipping through various channels. The Star Child tells him he must decide on a channel, with Wrex replying by saying "I don't take orders from you!" and punching the Star Child into the wall. The Star Child spazzes out saying "SO BE IT!!!!", and calls down a Reaper, who crushes a nearby satellite dish, causing the screen to fill with static and leaving Wrex with his mouth open in shock.


Harmless Shenanigans:Part 1 Edit

Chuckles The Cheat is sitting on a bench when another man sits down,Chuckles pokes him and he pops like a balloon.A random person in a wheelchair yells "Murderer!" when she gets knocked over by the police car and they beat Chuckles up.


Captain "Keyes" Edit

A Odessa Cubbage model-like person is seen scratching a Warthog with a giant key.John-117 is seen right behind him.Keyes panics and scratches Cheif's helmet with the key and John screams.Then the humans are hopeless.One human is seduced by a female Elite.They both scream as the part ends.


Harmless Shenanigans:Part 2 Edit

Chuckles is seen lying on the ground while a drunk man trips over him and dies therefore the police beat Chuckles up yet again


Tank A BIG MAN!? AKA:Everybody Loves Francis Edit

The scene starts with Francis pushing a car out of the safe house while Rochelle is sitting on the street making weird noises.Then a Hunter is seen spying on them on a rooftop then Tank appears and yells at Hunterr which startles Rochelle who hides behind the car. Francis tries to make Rochelle push with him but she \refuses.Meanwhile the Hunter gets agitated by Tank's short-temper and yells at him about how he's a big man.Francis overhears this conversation and gets an idea.On the rooftop a can is thrown at Tank and Francis points at Smoker as if he was the hurler.(But it was actually Francis).Tank throws Smoker of the rooftop and at the car that was in the way of the safe house.Then Tank is banned from the server because of team killing.Then Francis enters the safe house in victory but he hits the sign.An audience laughing sound effect can be heard while Francis yells for help the the short cuts to a picture of Francis sitting on a swing in a elevator shaft while Zoey is holding on to a ledge.Then it cuts to a scene of Tommy Gun walking over to 2 kids eating Trix and he kills them and it cuts to a screen saying:Tommy Gun It will tear you apart


Harlem Shake Fail Edit

A baby is doing the Harlem Shake while a spaceman falls on him.Then it cuts to a "NO" screen and the credits roll.