The Gordon and Barney ShowEdit

Created by Vahe Torosyan aka thev100 on Youtube. "The Gordon and Barney Show" is a Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod machinima series that takes place in the Half-Life universe and revolves around Gordon Freeman and Barney Calhoun, two characters from the Half-Life series. Each episodes have different and humorous plots.
The Gordon and Barney Show Title Screen

The Gordon and Barney Show - Title Screen/Logo

Link to thev100's Youtube page in order to watch the whole series (direct link to the Youtube playlist):


As explained, each episode has different and comical plot that revolves around the Half-Life universe.


The music used in the series is stock production music, specifically Ren and Stimpy Production Music and music from the Half-Life game soundtracks.


The Gordon and Barney Show - Episode List

Episode Number



Episode 1

Teh Internets

Gordon and Barney look at internet phonomena.

Episode 2

Missing Crowbar

Gordon loses his crowbar.

Episode 3

Blue Oyster Bar

Gordon and Barney mistakenly enter a gay bar.

Episode 4

Calhoun Cinema

Barney does a movie.

Episode 5

Barney The Housekeeper

Barney watches the house while Gordon and Alyx go out.

Episode 6