The Principle is a character not shown but often heard through the PSA speakers (and in Field Trips, Mr.Higglesworth's phone). He announces all the events happening at the school and if he's still the principle and allows Mr.Higglesworth to have an 'elite' vast army and to go out of school property to chase Elliot and the others. The principle is often heard as a "fag-a-jew principle" from Higglesworth and Ms.Person.


  • "Attention this is the principle. Attention i'm still the principle. Attention! Attention!! Attention!!! Thanks that's all."
  • "Attention this is the principle, and guess what? I'm still the principle!!"
  • "So what said it again? hahaha. Anyway all students must head to the front and board the busses for the field trip. And those who don't cooperate will iced, mutilated, and fed to the retarded kid."
  • "That's all good day except the douchebags wearing trenchcoats."
  • "Attention this is the principle, I'M STILL ALIVE!! So that means: YOUR GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!"
  • "and also to announce that this is the start of the second marking period."