Turbine Trouble
Genre Action
Created by J*Rod
Produced by J*Rod
Directed by J*Rod
Production studio JS* Media
Starring N/A
Games used Team Fortress 2
Running time 10:44
First run date July 18, 2011
External links
Official website

Turbine Trouble is a Team Fortress 2 replay machinima directed by J*Rod and released to YouTube on July 18, 2011. It consists of the last part of a match in ctf_turbine, mainly focused on a Soldier played by J*Rod.


While some battles ensure in the central area to gain control, a BLU Spy and Scout respectively infiltrate the RED intelligence room, finally taking the intelligence to their base. Meanwhile, a BLU Engineer moves his sentry gun to a platform in the intelligence hallway, unaware that a RED Scout had already taken the intelligence to their base.

A few attempts are made to take each team's intelligence, all failing. A group of two BLU Heavies and a Medic infiltrate RED's spawn area, only to be killed. With the score tied, and a tiebreaker necessary to decide the winner, RED's intelligence is eventually moved to the corner of BLU's intelligence hallway where the sentry waits. RED manages to hold the intelligence while slowly pushing BLU's defenses. A RED Scout eventually infiltrates and takes the tie-breaking intelligence to RED's side, which holds off from two BLU Scouts just as he enters.

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