Unfriendly Fire
a Team Fortress 2 Tale
Genre Comedy
Created by Xanatos
Produced by Xanatos
Janus Syndicate
Directed by Xanatos
Production studio Janus Syndicate (Distribution)
Starring Voices:
Body Actors:
Max Rebo
Games used Team Fortress 2
Running time 3:59
First run date Sep 3, 2010 (completion)
Sep 9, 2010 (via
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Official website

Unfriendly Fire (developed as TF2 Tales) is a short Team Fortress 2 machinima film by Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate. It was completed on September 3, 2010, and released on September 9 via's YouTube channel.


TF2 Tales was created out of a hiatus after the failed Call for Extras DoD:S video. Using many of the recruited extras, the opening battle scene was filmed in May, and was recorded and edited shortly afterward. Unfortunately, no more filming could be done since the Faceposer program for Source SDK, which is used to create lip-synching and choreography, was broken for TF2. The hiatus continued as a result, and the Garrysmod Machinima Tricks miniseries was created instead.

Faceposer was finally fixed in late July, though Xanatos was only able to get it working after a computer reformat in late August. The intelligence room scene was filmed in two sessions on September 2 with assistance from Ålpha Ωmega server enforcer cbale2000, as well as a private bot manipulation session by Xanatos, and the courtroom scene was filmed by Xanatos using a custom map by MrSentual.

The video was completed on September 3 and its release by was delayed to September 9 mostly due to PAX 2010 video uploads.

The video was chosen as one of 57 machinima videos "screeners" at the 2010 Machinima Expo on November 20-21.


"Team Fortress 2 is like Hotel California.
You can check out anytime you like,
but you can never leave.
(Minus a cool guitar solo at the end)
—Video opening

A BLU soldier announces an attack, and some BLU players start attacking a small RED stronghold in ctf_sawmill, held together by two sentries and a heavy. One of the soldiers rocket jumps backwards into a waterfall to get health on top of a log. A RED sniper prepares to shoot him with a Huntsman arrow while he reloads, but another soldier kills him with a shovel. The first soldier (Xanatos) thanks him and is immediately backstabbed by a RED spy who turns invisible and is chased by the other soldier.

The soldier (MrSentual) goes down another path leading to the BLU intelligence room. He finds a BLU engineer (Xanatos) with a sentry and shoots him, thinking he is the spy. The engineer denies that he is the spy, and while the real RED spy takes the intelligence, the soldier stubbornly refuses to turn around. At that moment, a BLU scout (STEV) and heavy (WolfeR) come in, and the scout also believes that the engineer is a spy, while the engineer constantly denies this. A sniper (Darkvile) then slides in, having heard the whole conversation, and suggests one way to settle the argument.

The BLU members are teleported to a courtroom where the jury agrees that the engineer is "very very guilty". The heavy comes in late showing off his Ghastly Gibus, while the soldier blurts out a famous courtroom quote. A large door then opens and reveals a pile of dead, twitching BLU engineers.

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