Who's Cooking Tonight?
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Upload date May 8, 2012
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Duration 3 minutes and 15 seconds
Created by Raikujo
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Cooking is serious business after all.


Coach's stomach growls and he asks Nick who is busy reading a newspaper. When he calls him Nicolas the paper burns and Nick asks what. Coach tells him he's hungry and asks him to make steak diner. Nick tells him he's gonna fry him into a cow and reveals he's joking. Coach tells him to make BBQ burger with large fries with soda with no ice and a piece of a hot apple pie much to Nick's dismay when he constantly refuses and says NOOOOOOOO to him. he bites his finger and gets punched to the wall. Nick dodges a painting and gets hit by a painting. He kicks the table at Coach, pushing him to the wall.


  • Everybody Hates Rochelle:
    • Had her room picture crashed on her twice. She survived that though.
  • The "Indestructible" Francis: Able to punch a door (with a radio permanently taped on) up to the sky, and only to be pinned down by it again.