Wesley, formally known as "Xavior 3.10," or simply Xavior, is a computer nerd with the ability to make things suddenly happen with a computer keyboard that he always brings with him. With his keyboard he can make people burst into flames, no clip himself and other people out of bad situations, and other things. He has a vast knowledge of computer programming and tends to use big words at times. He has a slurred speech and sometimes has trouble with the letter R (like Elmer from Looney Tunes). Despite being a dork, he has much more common sense than his peers, but not as much as Elliot, however, he can be naive. In Elliot goes Camping, he is annoyed by Brandon's constant melodramatic narratives and repeatedly beckons him to shut up. He though unwittingly misguides the gang around the entire neighborhood only to discover that the campsite they are looking for is in Elliot's backyard. He also has a crush on Ms. Person and is usually late to class. He works as an associate at Best Buy, but he usually has to leave because he is late for school.


  • (to Mr. Cool) "Actually, it's Xavior 3.10, Weetart!" *throws a shoe at Mr. Cool*
  • (to Brandon) "Tits aren't gay, noob!" ( actually that sounds gayer than tits )
  • (to Brandon after he makes fun of him for playing World of Warcraft) "At least its not gay and stupid like you!"
  • (to Elmer on the bus) "Ever play Second Life? That's a totally awesome game."


  • Xavior's real name is Wesley.
  • Xavior is one of the two characters to wear glasses, the other is Mr. Higglesworth.
  • His favorite TF2 class is the Medic.
  • Clothes Xavior Wore:
  1. Pilot: N/A
  2. Pep Rallies: a Blue Shirt and Green Hoody and Cap and Orange Tinted Glasses
  3. Field Trips: Same as Pep Rallies
  4. Mondays: A Black Shirt With A Word Printed on it in White, and His Usual Green Jacket and a Black Cap and White Tinted Glasses
  5. 25 Steps: N/A
  • The episode Mondays reveals where Xavior gets his laptops, he steals them from Best Buy where he works.