Xonxt's Mind is a Half-Life Machinima made by Channel-Londesborough Komodopolo (KP).KP also sparked the idea of Collette's Mind. It is more or less an in character let's play of the Half-Life mod Point of view stylized as POV, featuring the thoughts of the character Dr. Xonxt Vazai (Played by KP).


Xonxt is a foul mouthed Vortigaunt Scientist who hates his job and gravy. He has an Alien Grunt friend called Hank and makes alot of references to Hank's existance, Hank is seen in episode 0 when Xonxt goes into the Alien training facility (even though he doesn't belive in Aliens) he says to the Alien Grunt "Hi Hank" and Hank replies with "sup Xonxt". His disbelief in aliens leads him to become Schitzophrenic and Alot more alert when they actually appear. He uses a substitute of the phrase Bullshit which is Bullsquid-Shit.


Xonxt makes several remarks throughout the series indicating his bad job like: "I have a degree in lazer engineering yet I'm stuck in the caves like some kind of cave troll" and "If I get a good report on my not so good job then Nihilanth can shove this job up his ass until it works its way out of his bulbous ass head".