Zoey Profile
"This is not going well, heheh."
—Zoey, The Gmod Idiot Box - Episode 2

Zoey is a playable character from Left 4 Dead.  and a main/minor character appearing in some Gmod Videos.

In GMOD, she is pratically the least craziest of the survivors, butshe has a very weird and almost impossible expression on her face nearly every time. She is seen mostly in videos with Bill, Francis and Louis, with her always scolding Louis (for his pill addiction) and Francis (for hating almost anything). She is also used in GMOD as a Sex symbol more than Rochelle.



  • In some videos, she is seen fighting fellow survivor: Rochelle for female survivor supremacy. and in some other videos, she is seen in Engineer's dream as his love interest.
  • She has been put in romance videos by several gmoders such as TheInvertedShadow and GmodAZ09 with a fellow survivor and character of Left 4 Dead 2: Ellis.
  • She was referred as "bitch" in some videos.How he really lost his medical licenseFox's Retarded Day

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