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Zombie Adventures is really about a Citizen named: John. He talked to a Headcrab, then the Headcrab turned John into a Zombie. John got upset, but then he met a Fast Zombie named Randy. Randy took John for some fun at Ravenholm. John got wasted at the party and woke up at a cave. The cave was loaded with dead Zombies. Then a Combine Soldier came to the cave and wanted to kill John. Although the Combine's gun missed and Brucie, the Headcrab, has turned the Combine into a Zombine. John wanted to thank Brucie, but then he thinks his Dog is in trouble. So, John and Brucie went to Randy's house and Randy came to help. After John and Randy left, the Combine woke up as a Zombine. Then the Zombine smelled something, and he followed the path, which took him to Randy's House. He met Randy, John, and Brucie. The Zombine claims he is Doug, but he doesn't really remember anything. Doug was offered to help rescue John's dog. Brucie, Randy, and John went to the Prison (with Doug falling behind), and then they broke out. Randy took Dog, John, and Brucie to his Uncle's house. The Combines found out Dog broke out by the Zombies and the Headcrab. So, the Combine are hunting them down. When Randy took the others to his Uncle's house, his Uncle welcomed them in. By the way, Randy's uncle is a Poison Zombie. Then the Uncle's daughter, Annabelle, came. Brucie saw Annabelle (Annabelle is a Poison Headcrab), then Annabelle and Brucie fell in love. Doug, later came to the house. Nobody knows how he knew how to get there (it was probably his nose. Then the Combine sent a nuke to the house, then the house blew up. It wasn't likely for them to survive, and that might be the end of the show.

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